Baby Nurses

Baby nurse is a term that is most commonly used to refer to newborn specialists. Baby nurses are not registered nurses, but rather trained aides skilled in infant care.  A common misconception is that baby nurses are needed when your infant is sick, but this is not the case.  Baby nurses are for well babies to assist parents in newborn care.

We provide the following baby nursing services:

  • Baby care 8 to 24 hours a day
  • All necessary care to meet the needs of your precious newborn(s)
  • All necessary care for recovering moms after birth
  • Comfort and reassurance for experienced and first-time parents
  • Part time or live-in services for the length of time you specify
  • Counsel to family members on how to properly care for your newborn(s)

Baby nursing includes:

  • Bathing (sponge/full)
  • Diapering and bathing (sponge and full)
  • Dressing and swaddling
  • Umbilical cord and circumcision care
  • Assisting with bottle feeding, breast feeding and burping
  • Maintaining and sterilizing bottles
  • First interactions and play time with the baby
  • Establishing a sleeping schedule and proper eating routines
  • Soothing and helping alleviate your baby’s discomfort
  • Doing baby’s laundry
  • Maintaining and caring for nursery

If you are a baby nurse and would like to schedule an initial interview, please submit your application here.