Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about what we do and how we do it.

Where do you offer your services?

Our office is based in Manhattan. We serve most areas of lower New York State (all 5 boroughs of NYC, Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland and Westchester counties). Our team of nannies, baby nurses, postpartum doulas and skilled nurses all live locally and are accessible to clients anytime. However, if you do not reside in any of these areas, please contact us and we will see if and how we can extend our services to you.

What sets Nannies of New York apart from other agencies?

We are determined to make the process of finding a nanny, baby nurse, postpartum doula or skilled nurse an enjoyable, memorable, stress-free experience. We believe that it is imperative to build a strong, lasting relationship with our customer in order to guarantee happiness and satisfaction. We provide support and guidance from the first day of inquiry. We understand that every individual and family is different, therefore, they have different requirements and expectations. At Nannies of New York we will work with you to learn about your family on a personal level and obtain a clear understanding of what exactly you are looking for. At Nannies of New York, we remain committed to you before, during, and after the placement process.

Does Nannies of New York perform background checks?

Absolutely! Nannies of New York takes great pride in our screening process, which is second to none. We conduct rigorous interviews and diligent reference checks and work with a private investigator to do thorough background searches on all of our nannies. Our six-step Gold Standard Screening Process provides your family with the peace of mind they deserve. Before any nanny can become part of our elite pool of candidates, we conduct an in-person interview, extensive reference checks, social security verification and a National Sex Offender Registry check. Once we find the perfect caregiver to fit your specific childcare needs, Nannies of New York completes a detailed criminal check at the state and local level and a DMV report.

How long will it take to find the ideal childcare professional?

It can take up to 4 weeks to find the ideal match.

We are completely new to this process; do you offer special guidance for us?

Yes, we know how foreign and scary this can be. We are here to treat your situation with the utmost care and will provide you with guidance through every step of the process.

Can I interview my nanny first?

Of course! We prefer you interview a few nannies before making your final choice. We realize this is a big family commitment and we want you to be fully satisfied with your final choice.

How many nannies can I expect to interview?

We will save you time by preselecting candidates suitable to meet your family’s individual needs. You can expect to interview up to 6 candidates.

Are we required to offer benefits to nannies?

Families will typically offer 2 weeks paid vacation, paid major holidays, 2-5 personal and/or sick days, and reimbursement for gas mileage if employee is using her own vehicle for errands and/or driving the children. It is important to discuss salary and benefits with your nanny and clearly outline their benefits in the nanny/family working agreement.

What can I expect to pay a nanny?

Salary ranges will vary based on whether the nanny is a full or part time, live-in or live-out. It will also depend on the nanny’s individual qualifications, requirements of the job, number of children and of course how much you are willing to compensate your nanny.

What is your guarantee policy?

We are proud to offer an exclusive 6-month guarantee period. If for any reason your nanny’s employment terminates within the first 6-months, we find a suitable replacement at no additional charge on a best efforts basis.

What is a baby nurse?

Baby nurse is a term that is most commonly used to refer to newborn and infant specialists.

What does a baby nurse do?

Nannies of New York offers a comprehensive list of services designed to meet the needs of a wide range of clients:

  • Bathing (sponge/full)
  • Diapering and bathing (sponge and full)
  • Dressing and swaddling
  • Umbilical cord and circumcision care
  • Assisting with bottle feeding, breast feeding and burping
  • Maintaining and sterilizing bottles
  • First interactions and play time with the baby
  • Establishing a sleeping schedule and proper eating routines
  • Soothing and helping alleviate your baby’s discomfort
  • Doing baby’s laundry
  • Maintaining and caring for nursery
Why do I need a baby nurse?

A typical newborn is awake and in need of care for several hours every night. For this reason, a newborn specialist, sometimes called a night nanny or baby nurse, has many benefits. During the first nights home with your baby, a newborn specialist allows mom to recover from the physical and emotional demands of childbirth while the rest of the family catches up on sleep too. By caring for your baby, a newborn specialist also allows you to be available to older siblings who wake up during the night as they adjust to life with the new baby. During the first months of your baby’s life, baby nurses gently guide your infant to sleep through the night, wean your baby off the nighttime feeds altogether, and calmly help your baby to sleep independently. Parents can rest easy knowing that their infant is in nurturing, capable hands while learning to sleep through the night. Whether you opt for service a few nights a week, a month or more, the most important thing a baby nurse provides is deep, restorative sleep. This is crucial for all parents, whether they work outside the home or are a stay at home parent. Either way, a good night’s sleep allows families to enjoy and cherish their time, rather than just “get through the day.”

Does a baby nurse have an actual nursing license or degree in nursing?

No. Baby nurse is a term meaning infant specialist. Baby nurses provide non-medical care for your baby. However, some of our baby nurses are CNAs or LPNs.

When does the baby nurse arrive?

Generally, the baby nurse arrives the day you come home from the hospital or the next day. She will be available for you two weeks before and after your due date.  When you come home from the hospital, the baby nurse is ready and waiting to meet you, your family, and your newborn.  The baby nurse is ready to begin serving your post-partum needs, as well as the needs of your baby.

How long does the baby nurse stay?

Baby nurses are available to meet your needs. We can arrange for you to have either a part-time or a ‘live-in’ baby nurse. Live-in baby nurses are available 24 hours a day to meet your needs and the many needs of your newborn. On average, a baby nurse can work anywhere from two weeks to six months. Our baby nurses will stay as long as it takes to ensure that you and your family are confident and knowledgeable about caring for your precious newborn.

What about my other children?

If you are not a first time parent, you may have some concerns about how a baby nurse will interact with your older children. But there is no need to worry.  Our baby nurses are wonderful with older children, and often find ways to include them in the care and interaction with your newborn.

What if I don’t know how long I want to keep my baby nurse?

We suggest setting a range. We only require that you fulfill the minimum amount of time that you specify on the contract. In most cases you are able to extend past what you’ve written on the contract, especially if you are able to give 1-2 weeks advanced notice. Our minimum for baby nursing is 2 weeks.

How soon should I book my baby nurse?

We recommend booking as soon as possible, as the schedules can fill up quickly.

How long should I book my baby nurse for?

Our minimum is 2 weeks of care, however some families will request services for up to 1 year. Once you no longer require a baby nurse and would like a nanny, please contact us about our nanny placement services.

What if I have twins/multiples?

We have specific baby nurses who have extensive experience with twins and triplets. They can handle nighttime feedings, daily planning and most importantly, getting the babies on a schedule.

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